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  • #TipsTuesday: 10 Reasons You Should Drink Lemon Juice Daily

    Most of us know that drinking multiple glasses of water each day is essential. However, by adding lemons to your water, you may receive more benefits in one cool, refreshing drink than you could ever think of. Thanks to Fit Life , we’ve listed 10 advantages of drinking lemon water every morning here:
    1. Boosts your immune system
    2. Hydrates the lymph system
    3. Enhances Mood
    4. Detoxes the Liver
    5. Aids in Digestion
    6. Balances PH
    7. Helps with weight loss
    8. Acts as a gentle, natural diuretic
    9. Clears skin
    10. Freshens breath

    For more details on these ten benefits click here . Let us know if you decide to add lemon water to your daily diet on our Facebook page.

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  • The Modest Side of Plastic Surgery

    Island Plastic Surgery is happy to congratulate the years of hard work Dr. Pamela Gallagher has dedicated to change the lives of many. On Long Island Pulse, Matthew Ambrosio shares with us a surgeons mission to reconstruct happiness, which he reminds us is so much more than a superficial process of buying beauty.

    “Not only is Dr. Gallagher a leading surgeon in the region with surgical expertise and experience that is immeasurable, but she is also a person who uses her talents to give back to children around the world who are born with facial and cranial deformities.” Without the knowledge Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Gallagher possess, young children faced with these kind of irregularities would never have the chance to lead a normal life filled with self-esteem and joy.

    We are inspired by Dr. Gallagher every day and thankful that her passions can make a positive difference in the world. She is indeed a humanitarian, a life changer and an artist and those of us at Island Plastic Surgery appreciate the kind words from Ambrosio.

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