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  • Proof Cosmetic Surgery May Help Treat Migraines

    This past year, we’ve learned a lot about the alternative health benefits of certain cosmetic surgery treatments. For example, we’ve talked multiple times about how Botox treats depression .

    More recently, there have been studies regarding the idea that cosmetic surgery may be a cure for chronic migraines, too! According to who? Dr. Oren Tessler, who came together with LSU Health Sciences Center and others to test a new surgical migraine treatment on 35 patients. What they found is that in this select group of patients, ones with chronic nerve compression migraines who have responded positively to Botox and nerve block treatments in the past, incisions through the upper eyelid resulted in immense relief of the nerves involved in migraines.

    The results? An overall positive response rate of 90.7%. Migraines were completely eliminated in 51.3% of the patients, with the rest having up to an 80% relief from symptoms.

    More than 17% of women and 5% of men in the US suffer from chronic migraines. Interested in reading more about their potential relief? Click here .

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