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Real People, Real Procedures –

Know plastic surgery is right for you, but not sure how to find the right surgeon? People get referrals from friends and family all the time for plumbers, doctors, restaurants and more. Sometimes, however, they hesitate to reach out to those same confidantes when they are looking around for a plastic surgeon.

Like any other support group, Real Self has been built to provide stories of real people with real plastic surgery experiences. Prospective patients can read testimonials from other patients who received the same procedures. Still a little unsure? See how Maria Del Russoe, Refinery 29 author, was pleasantly surprised with the sites potential here .

Looking for an expert on Long Island? Dr. Pamela Gallagher, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is featured on Real Self . Visit her profile to see reviews, photos and expert answers, or visit our website for more on our practice.

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