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Bra Types You Want to Own

From the workout bra to the push-up bra, and everything in between, there is a lot that goes into supporting our breasts! To help make all this chaos a bit easier, we’re sharing every type of bra Refinery29 says you should own and why:

The T-Shirt Bra: Thank goodness, a style that focuses on comfort. For your everyday essentials, work shirts and an overall seamless look, you’ll need one of these.

The Bralette: For those “I need to leave the house but don’t want to wear a bra” kind of days. Not every outing calls for underwire, after all.

The Pushup Bra: For the outfits that need a little “insta-cleavage” magic. Since we’re not all blessed by what our mama gave us, this spectacular invention does the trick.

The Strapless Bra: Though the trickiest type to shop for, a good-fitting strapless bra can work wonders on your look. For a shirt that requires a seamless strap line or an elegant show-my-shoulders look, you’ll need at least one.

And of course…

The Sports Bra: How else can one get their fitness on without this staple item? For the support you need and the comfort you want, there is the sports bra.

There’s a few other bra types that might be worth your investment. Find all the information you’ll need to bra shop right here on Refinery29 »