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How to Achieve a Natural Look with Plastic Surgery

Like most things things, their are a number of assumptions that come with plastic surgery that might not be entirely true – depending how you look at it. Yes, most people believe that Botox makes your face look frozen or harsh – and while sometimes the case – it doesn’t have to be the result for you.

Achieving a natural look with plastic surgery boils down to finding the right balance between no change at all and a drastic change. Shall we say, a subtle change? Here’s a few pointers for taking a balanced and individualized approach that’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

3D shaping is a growing tool for making face lifts fuller instead of worn thin. Updated techniques, such as this one, allow you to erase fine lines and wrinkles without sacrificing a natural looking appearance. Talk to your surgeon about the kind of approach they use and the sort of the results they are used to seeing. Asking to see examples of previous patients is always helpful.

Know what your goals are and effectively communicate them. An approach can only become as individualized as you allow it to be. Be honest and specific. Bring in pictures of a look you like, whether it be for breast implants or a face lift. This isn’t the time to say “Yes. Okay, Mhm.” I trust you.” While it is important to trust and understand your surgeon, they aren’t treating you for the common cold. This is a new look you’ll be wearing for awhile. Probably permanently.