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4-Step Skincare Regimen

Skin is a sensitive part of the body and a
touchy subject to talk about – especially when it comes to breakouts and
wrinkles. And even though we’re looking forward to hitting the beach this
summer, we may forget just how damaging UV radiation is for our skin.

It’s up to you to protect it! Here’s your 4-step skincare regimen for the season:

1. Don’t over-cleanse. You really only
need to wash your face at night to remove products that clog your pores – like
makeup and sunscreen. Apply warm water and a dime-size of cleanser, then rinse
with cool water.

2. Exfoliate. No matter the skin
type. Blend sugar and oil for a homemade facial scrub. Grab a washcloth and
massage skin in a circular motion. You will notice almost immediate results!

3. Moisturize. Listen to your
body. When your skin feels tight, it’s crying out for moisture. Rule of thumb:
use a basic moisturizer for dry skin. For more natural alternatives, try
coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Don’t forget eye creams! Be sure to
apply gently as the skin around the eye area is very thin and susceptible to

4. Apply Sunscreen. Sun is the #1
cause of wrinkles, so applying a minimum of SPF 30 will help. Try two different
moisturizers – one at night and one during the day that includes UV protection.
Too much application can irritate skin, so try this tip and your skin will
thank you!

While the above tips should be added to your
daily skincare regimen, we also know that some wrinkles develop and never fade
– regardless of how hard you try to prevent them. But luckily non-invasive
procedures, such as Ultherapy, can help! Ultherapy improves lines and wrinkles
of the decolletage, neck face and eyebrows all without a recovery period. Contact
Island Vein Specialists today to
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