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Dos and Don’ts of Shaving Your Legs

Getting perfectly smooth legs for summer is something that every woman wants. But before you grab your razor, you should know one thing: most of us are doing it wrong. While shaving might be a bit of a hassle, there are a few tips that can make a process a whole lot easier.

Don’t shave right away in the shower.
Do make shaving your last step. Why? Because when your body steams up in the shower, it allows your hair to soften, giving you one of the best shaves you’ll ever have! In the meantime, lather up your hair and give yourself a mini facial.

Don’t shave upwards.
Do shave in the opposite direction, especially if you have super sensitive skin. The reason? Because shaving upwards can cause minor cuts and irritation to your skin.

Don’t use an old razor. When the blade gets dull, the best thing you can do is toss it out.
Do replace your razor for a new one after approximately five shaves. This will make your skin less susceptible to bumps, burns, and bacteria that can cause possible infections.

Don’t use soap to lather up.
Do use a conditioning cream instead. It’s easy to reach for the soap bar when you’ve run out of shaving cream, but doing so can cause drying. Plus, bar soap doesn’t provide quite the amount of lubrication your skin needs to achieve a silky feel.

Do you have any shaving tips for your fellow ladies out there? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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