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  • The Benefits of Cellfina: A Cellulite Fighting Exclusive

    Don’t let your cellulite define you! Dare to bare it all with a little help from Cellfina — the only clinically proven procedure to eliminate cellulite permanently, available exclusively at Island Plastic Surgery beginning in January. The Cellfina system uses a minimally invasive, small needle-sized device to target tightened connective bands, releasing tension and reversing cellulite appearance for good! Learn more about the benefits of this innovative new procedure below:

    Safe – Cellfina is FDA-approved, so you can rest easy knowing that not only is the procedure effective, but it’s perfectly safe as well.

    Easy – As the only minimally invasive cellulite removal procedure with clinically proven results on the market, treatment is simple, pain-free and promising!

    Quick – Not only is the procedure itself a short 45 minute session, but it also requires minimum to no downtime. While some patients feel quickly dissipating mild soreness, others feel nothing at all.

    Rapid Results – Almost as fast as the procedure itself are the results you will see from it! Many patients begin to see an improvement within the first three days.

    Long-lasting – The best part of all is that the results you see from Cellfina will last for at least two years — the longest FDA clearance for cellulite treatment.

    Interested in learning more about Cellfina? Click here to review some more frequently asked questions, or call our office at 516-977-9922 to schedule your consultation today!