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Why You Need to Try Cellfina Now!

Does the winter weather have you bundled up tight? While you may be rejoicing for the opportunity to cover up those parts of your body you’re unhappy with, why not take this time to transform them instead! With our exclusive new Cellfina treatment you can cocoon yourself in winter coats and heavy layers, but emerge a beautiful new, firm and cellulite-free version of you come spring!

If you’re still on the fence about giving this new treatment a try, here are a few more reasons why you should schedule your Cellfina consultation now:

It’s FDA-approved! In fact, the Cellfina System is the only FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive procedure proven to reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite with just one simple treatment.

It’s simple! With just one 45-minute, in-office treatment you’ll be on your way to the beautiful body you’ve been dreaming of. Once your treatment has been completed you can expect little, to no downtime necessary.

It’s long-lasting! Cellfina holds the title for producing the longest-lasting results out of all other FDA-cleared cellulite removal treatments. Results are guaranteed to last for at least two years from the date of your first treatment.

It’s exclusive! As of January, Island Plastic Surgery is one of only 4 offices in the Long Island and Lower Manhattan area offering the Cellfina treatment. We guarantee that the opportunity for you to receive this revolutionary in-office procedure is just as exciting as it is exclusive.