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  • 9 Unbelievable Botox Facts

    Did you know that botulinum toxin, commonly called Botox, is actually a product of a deadly bacteria called clostridium botulinum? This bacteria is known for causing botulism, but with careful inspection and experimentation by German physician Justinus Kerner, it’s neurotoxins proved to have many beneficial properties. Read on to learn more interesting facts about this popular aesthetic treatment.

    Fact #1: Botox has remained the number one nonsurgical procedure across the board since the year 2000. In fact, recent statistics from 2015 determined that there have been more than 4 million Botox procedures performed in total.

    Fact #2: The early uses for Botox were purely medical, not cosmetic. In it’s earliest stages, botulinum toxin was used to treat strabismus, a muscle related eye condition, as well as spasms of the face, neck and many other medical conditions as the years went on.

    Fact #3: The discovery of the cosmetic benefit of Botox was completely accidental. Dr. Jean Carruthers had been using the treatment on patients with strabismus in the 1990s when they began commenting on the improvement they’d seen on their wrinkles since treatment began.

    Fact #4: While widely used, Botox is actually only FDA-approved for three specific treatment areas: Between the eyebrows, around the eyes and in the armpits to reduce excessive sweating.

    Fact #5: Botox has been proven effective to stabilize overactive sweat glands. Many people received Botox to stop excessive sweating underneath their arms, on their hands or hairline, and even under their breasts or butt.

    Fact #6: Those who suffer from chronic migraines have benefited from Botox treatments as well. Experts say that one injection has the power to completely disarm a profound or chronic migraine.

    Fact #7: Having Botox treatments performed by anyone other than a licensed practitioner is dangerous. Remember, Botox is a toxin, which is why it’s so important to receive treatments from someone with experience administering it in order to reap its benefits.

    Fact #8: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced in their most recent findings that Botox treatments for men are up a whopping 337% since 2000. That’s right, men are hopping aboard the Botox train as well!

    Fact #9: Contrary to popular belief, Botox treatments no longer paralyze a muscle when performed correctly. The idea now, is to relax the muscle instead, so the patient is left with smooth, skin still looks natural.