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  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Rhinoplasty

    Before and After Rhinoplasty Nose

    The shape of your nose has a significant impact on how you look, which is why so many people contemplate rhinoplasty in the first place. Whether you want to improve your facial features or correct damage done by a traumatic accident, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before getting a rhinoplasty. Here are some questions you should ponder before committing to this life-changing procedure.

    How long have I been thinking about getting rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is not a decision to be taken lightly. In fact, there is a big chance you will not be happy with the end results if you choose to undergo the procedure on a whim. Take your time deciding exactly what you want your nose to look like, and then wait at least 6 months to ensure that you still want the procedure.

    Am I healthy enough to undergo surgery?

    Every surgical procedure comes with risks, so it is important that you are relatively healthy prior to the operation. The healthier you are, the lower the risk for complications and the smoother the recovery time. If you are not particularly healthy, now is the time to get in shape and improve your diet!

    Am I mentally ready for rhinoplasty?

    When determining whether now is the right time for a nose job, you need to ask yourself why you want to undergo the procedure. The decision must come from you, and not as the result of peer pressure or recommendations from your friends or family. Also, if you have recently suffered any personal crises, make sure to resolve these issues before even considering surgery.

    What are my goals?

    The perfect nose does not exist and you cannot simply point to a photo in a magazine and ask your doctor to copy the look. Set realistic goals for your rhinoplasty and consult with your cosmetic surgeon to carefully craft a nose that appears natural and complements your facial features.

    5 questions to ask your rhinoplasty surgeon during your initial consultation

    Changing your appearance is a big step, so make sure you have chosen the right surgeon for the task. Here are some important questions to ask your rhinoplasty surgeon during your initial consultation.

    • Are you board certified and if so, by what board?
    • How many years of experience do you have in performing rhinoplasty?
    • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
    • What are the potential complications and risks?
    • When should I expect to see the final result of the procedure?

    If you are ready to get the nose you have always dreamed of, the outstanding team at Island Plastic Surgery is happy to help. Contact us for a consultation today!

  • The Science Behind CoolSculpting and Fat Freezing Treatment

    Cool Sculpting and Fat Freezing Treatment at Island Plastic Surgery

    Freeze those fat cells away!

    Though you have tried every trick in the book to get rid of your post-pregnancy muffin tops, those stubborn fat cells are standing their ground. You have beat them back with diet and exercise, and now you need to bring in the big guns to help you win the war. Liposuction may be the heaviest hitter in the fat-reduction world, but your life is way too busy to deal with a long recovery. Fortunately, technology has brought about an effective alternative to that provides you with great results and no downtime. CoolSculpting is a fat freezing treatment that gets rid of stubborn fat deposits and provides noticeable, long-lasting results!

    What is CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment that destroys fat cells with controlled cooling technology. This fat-freezing method does not require incisions or anesthesia, and there is no recovery time. Results take a few months to achieve, but gradually you will notice a reduction in fat deposits, leaving behind a slenderer, more aesthetically-pleasing figure.

    How it works

    Freezing away fat is possible with the remarkable CoolSculpting method. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than the surrounding tissues, so CoolSculpting uses a cryolipolysis device to target subcutaneous fat in trouble areas. This localized, non-invasive treatment gently freezes fat cells to the point of cell death, which is approximately 39° F. As the cells die, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells through the normal metabolic process. Though it may take a few weeks or months to see full results, your body will become more sculpted over time. Once those treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good!

    Frequently asked questions

    Does CoolSculpting hurt?

    No, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. As the cooling process begins, you may feel pressure and intense cold, but the sensations will soon dissipate. Many people read, watch videos, or even take a nap during the treatment process.

    Are there any side effects?

    During the CoolSculpting procedure, you may feel deep pulling, numbness, tugging, pinching, or slight discomfort. After the procedure, you may experience minor side effects such as temporary numbness, swelling, tingling, bruising, redness, firmness, stinging, or pain at the treatment site.

    When will I see results?

    The CoolSculpting process does take a little time to show results, but you could start seeing changes in as little as three weeks with more dramatic results by two months. Your body will continue to flush out fat cells for four to six months after treatment.

    If you would like to find out more information about CoolSculpting, talk to the knowledgeable and experienced team at Island Plastic Surgery today!

  • Liposuction Versus Noninvasive Fat Reduction Procedures

    Liposuction Surgery at Island Plastic Surgery
    Diet and exercise are key factors in helping people attain their ideal body image, but many encounter certain areas of their body where fat deposits just won’t budge. From stubborn post-pregnancy belly fat to thick thighs and larger-than-desired derrieres, these localized deposits lead many to seek out help in the form of cosmetic surgery.

    Liposuction has long been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but recent advances in body contouring treatments have brought about a new line of nonsurgical alternatives like CoolSculpting and Body FX. With so many options out there, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between fat reduction approaches. Take a look at the information below to help you decide whether liposuction or noninvasive fat reduction is right for you.

    The basics

    Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves inserting a small, hollow tube into the area of concern and suctioning out excess fat cells.

    Nonsurgical fat reduction procedures eliminate unwanted fat through topical methods. There are many nonsurgical treatments out there that use a variety of modalities, including radiofrequency technology, and special devices that cool fat cells to the point of death without harming the surrounding tissues.

    The head-to-head match up

    Both liposuction and nonsurgical fat reduction are effective body contouring procedures that eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat cells, but there are several things to consider before deciding on a certain treatment method:


    If you are looking for a gentle treatment that causes minimal discomfort during and after the procedure, then nonsurgical fat reduction is the way to go. Since liposuction is surgical, it can cause soreness, bruising, and swelling in the treatment area.

    Recovery time

    As with many surgical procedures, you will have restrictions on your normal activities for up to 10 days after liposuction, and the full recovery period can last up to six weeks. There is no extended healing period with nonsurgical fat reduction, so you can get back to your busy schedule almost immediately.


    Liposuction results can be dramatic once the swelling goes down. The majority of swelling is typically gone within 6 weeks, although final results are not apparent until 6 months after the procedure. Noninvasive fat reduction treatments may not be as noticeable right after treatment, but results gradually become visible in the following weeks.

    Making the final decision

    Liposuction may be right for you if:

    • You have larger deposits of excess fat or multiple areas that you would like reduced at the same time.
    • You want to see more immediate dramatic results in problem areas

    Noninvasive fat reduction may be right for you if:

    • You are already at your ideal weight
    • You have good skin elasticity
    • You want to target smaller trouble spots
    • You prefer less downtime

    When it comes to achieving your ideal body shape, you can count on the expert services of the certified cosmetic surgeons at Island Plastic Surgery. Our professional team will walk you through each of our body contouring procedures until you find the method that suits you best.

  • Little Known Benefits of a Breast Reduction

    Woman with bandages around her breasts
    Contrary to popular belief, having large breasts is not always a good thing. While some women dream of enhancing their physical appearance by increasing the shape and size of their breasts, others want nothing more than to go down a few cup sizes. Overly large breasts can cause a number of problems that span from poor posture and chronic back pain to self-esteem issues and physical limitations. If you are on the fence about whether breast reduction surgery is right for you, take a look at some of these little-known benefits that may help you live a fuller, more comfortable life.

    Say goodbye to pain

    Overly large breasts can do a number on your body, and not in a good way. All of that weight can put a great deal of stress on your back, shoulders, neck, and joints, pulling your body out of alignment and increasing your risk for developing arthritis. Breast reduction surgery can help alleviate all of these symptoms and reduce skin irritation, abrasions, and rashes caused by bra straps digging into your shoulders.

    Feel comfortable in your own skin

    There is a strong correlation between overly large breasts and negative self-image. Feelings of social anxiety, embarrassment, or self-consciousness are common. Whether your breasts are overly large or asymmetrical, breast reduction surgery is an effective solution for enhancing your body image, giving you lighter, firmer, and more proportionate breasts. Not only will your clothes fit better, but your posture and muscles will change over time, allowing you to stand up straighter and face the world with confidence.

    Breathe easier

    The excess weight placed on your chest cavity by overly large breasts can be overwhelming, often exacerbating asthma and other breathing problems. To find relief, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery. Reducing the pressure on your airways can decrease the risks of respiratory complications and help you live a more comfortable life.

    Get active

    Have you ever wanted to play a sport, but your large breasts prevented you from doing so? With breast reduction surgery, you may have an opportunity to live the active lifestyle you have always wanted as well as the ability to try new things that you never thought possible. Whether you want to run a marathon, go for a hike, join a sports team, or simply get in shape – all of these activities are now more comfortably within your reach.

    Don’t forget to check your health insurance policy

    Unlike cosmetic plastic surgery to enlarge your breasts, health insurance can often help cover the cost of your breast reduction. Overly large breasts are actually a medical condition known as macromastia . Since macromastia can cause many health-related problems, your surgery may be covered if it is considered a medical necessity.

    The benefits associated with breast reduction surgery are tremendous, so don’t hesitate to take the crucial first step towards a new, more active life by contacting the professional team at Island Plastic Surgery . We look forward to helping you live the life you have always wanted!

  • Here’s Why You’re Wasting Time at the Gym

    Gym Fatigue Staying active is important, which is why so many of us prioritize our days to incorporate some much-needed gym time in the mix. However, just because you’re stepping foot in the door at your local fitness center, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. In fact if you’re making any of these time-wasting workout mistakes , you may actually be doing it all wrong.

    You’re treating it like a social event.
    Sure, hitting the gym or attending a fitness class is always more fun with friends. Just make sure you and your buddies are on the same page when it comes to working out. It can be easy to get distracted and start gossiping instead of counting reps! On that same note, make sure you choose your gym pals wisely. You want to choose people that are committed to fitness and are going to motivate you to stay focused and break through those personal records.

    You’re failing to plan accordingly.
    Don’t go to the gym for the sake of going. If you go without a set objective, you’re likely wasting your time. Instead, take some time to decide which body parts you’re looking to zone in on and make a mental note (or an actual one!) of the machines and exercises you’d like to hit. If you’re really up for a challenge, try planning out your workout routines on a weekly basis. This will also help you stay committed and make it to the gym, even on days you’d rather bail out.

    You’re taking it way too easy.
    There’s definitely a benefit to “slow and steady,” but not if that’s your only speed. Working out is about pushing yourself, defining and exceeding your limits and most of all, breaking a sweat. Casually cycling while perusing the latest issue of your favorite magazine isn’t worth your while.

    You’re enjoying way too many breaks.
    We get it. Working out is hard. But if you don’t keep your heart rate up it’s all for nothing. Taking frequent water and locker room breaks are actually counter productive. Instead, hydrate heavily beforehand and push yourself through the pain!

    You’re not really sure what you’re doing.
    This is probably the most common time-waster of them all when it comes to the gym. Many people fail to ask for assistance on new machines, thinking they’ll just figure them out on their own. First, figuring out how to use them takes up more time than just asking, and second, chances are you’ll still be using them incorrectly. Many gyms offer an introductory class so you can get started on the right foot. Inquire with yours today!

    At Island Plastic Surgery , our #1 goal is to help you look and feel your best. That is why we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you get the body and smooth skin you’ve always wanted. For more information, call us at 516-977-9922 today.

  • 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

    Thought plastic surgery was just trending among women? Think again! More men are looking to plastic surgery to improve their image and boost their confidence than ever before. Just what kinds of procedures are they getting you ask? We’ve listed the top five most popular for you below:

    1. Liposuction – “Dad bods” be gone! While some men are embracing the “dad bod” trend, many are turning to liposuction to contour and reshape their bellies to help shed those extra pounds.
    1. Rhinoplasty – Just like women, it’s not uncommon for men to be dissatisfied with their facial features. Nose surgery has helped many men feel confident, knowing that each of their features is perfectly in-proportion to the next.
    1. Chin Augmentation – On the same order as rhinoplasty, many men are desire a more proportionate, symmetrical look. By either using an implant or repositioning the jaw bone, men are able to achieve a more strong, masculine jaw line.
    1. Neck & Eye Lifts – Men are saying sayonara to sagging skin and wrinkles. Eyelid rejuvenation and neck lifts have been gaining popularity — by way of both injectables and surgical solutions.
    1. Male Breast Reduction – Women aren’t the only one’s who deal with the hormonal imbalance effects of aging. Men can develop gynecomastia, a condition that causes breast tissue to enlarge. While diet and exercise can help, the only tried and true way to see results is with plastic surgery.

    No matter what results you, or the man in you life is hoping to achieve, we can help you select the perfect procedure.

  • 7 Subtle Plastic Surgery Procedures

    Sure there are plenty of great plastic surgery procedures that create drastic and eye-catching results, but if subtly is what you’re after don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of ways to fine-tune your appearance and boost your confidence without shouting it out to the world. These seven simple plastic surgery procedures are proof:

    1. Enlarge Your Eyes: Botox can work more wonders than one. Move over wrinkles, and make room for beautiful, bold eyes. A simple injection into the corners of the eyes can make them appear larger and more well-rested.
    1. Tighten Your Jawline: Botox is back at it again, defining jawlines without all the effort involved with contouring. A small injection can fine tune jaw muscles and even help manage TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) pain!
    1. Banish Dark Circles: Say goodbye to tired eyes! The popular filler Juvederm can be used to lessen the appearance of dark undereye bags for up to a year before retreating.
    1. Sharpen Your Smile: Teeth whitening isn’t the only way to make your smile irresistible. A little bit of Botox can keep the corners of your mouth from turning down, keeping your pout plump and friendly at all times.
    1. Fix Your Nose: Before you go under the knife for an all out rhinoplasty procedure, consider turning to fillers and injectables instead. Many patients have found great results by using these to correct small bumps.
    1. Smooth Your Skin: Everyone has a little extra baggage they’d rather do away with and perhaps some cellulite to match, no matter how much they workout. If you’re looking to tone up, a Cellfina or CoolSculpting session might be just the thing. — The best part? No down time!
    1. Lift or Enlarge in Proportion: Just because you’ve seen celebrities with drastic breast augmentation results, doesn’t mean your procedure has to follow suit. In fact, many women opt for a very slight and natural look for a less obvious boost.

    Looking to put some finishing touches on your appearance? Look no further than Island Plastic Surgery . With more than 25 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Pamela Gallagher can help you decide on the procedure that’s right for you.

  • Is a Mommy Makeover in Your Future?

    Being a mom is hard work — from pregnancy and sleepless nights with newborns, to cooking, cleaning, acting as a taxi, and everything in between! As a mother, your body sure takes a beating, making it difficult to maintain that youthful, confident hourglass shape you once flaunted years ago. That’s where Mommy Makeovers come in! If you’re considering whether one is right for you, ask yourself these questions to decide:

    Have your breasts lost their shape?
    It’s not uncommon for women to complain about sagging, enlarged or misshapen breasts following pregnancy. While pregnant, and thereafter, the breasts will enlarge in order to produce milk for the newborn. Once breastfeeding has ended and the breasts have gone back to their normal size, the skin is not always able to return from it’s stretched out state. A breast lift and/or augmentation can help reshape the breasts and correct residual sagging.

    Does your abdomen bare stretch marks?
    As you know, the breasts are not the only thing that enlarged during pregnancy. How can we forget about those beautiful baby bumps! As the body abdomen expands to make room for the baby, stretch marks often form in the wake. While many women are able to tighten and tone up with a good exercise routine, completely eliminating the stretched and sagging skin is only possible with a tummy tuck and/or liposuction treatment.

    Has your booty lost its bounce?
    You may not notice it at first, but as your body’s shape changes to prepare for pregnancy, so does your booty! Not only that, but as a mother let’s face it — there’s little free time left in the day to hit the gym and work on those squats. Well, a Brazilian butt lift might be the answer. Using a combination of skin grafting, liposculpting and in certain cases, prosthesis, you’ll be ready to flaunt it all in a bikini again in no time.

    Think a Mommy Makeover is in your future? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gallagher today!

  • 4 Natural Solutions for Upper Lip Hair

    Let’s face it, facial hair is a fact of life for all — even women! It’s no surprise that most women would prefer that rogue facial hair hit the road, and these four natural solutions can help.

    1. Turmeric Mixtures – Not only does this spice do wonders in the kitchen, but when mixed with milk or water, it can be beneficial in keeping your upper lip smooth and hair-free as well. Just mix equal parts turmeric and either water or milk, and apply the mixture to your upper lip. After allowing it to dry and harden for about a half hour, rub it off, rinse, and repeat weekly.
    1. Sugar Waxing – Forget those hard-to-handle home wax kits and make your own natural alternative. Mix two teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of water to a microwave safe bowl. Heat the mixture until it comes to a boil and becomes darker. Allow it to cool off, and use a popsicle stick to apply your sugar wax. After it hardens, peel it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    1. Papaya Bleach – If the hair is minimal, you may be able to camouflage it rather than remove it. Papaya is known for its natural bleaching properties, and when mixed with turmeric, it has the ability to reduce the appearance of hair for good. Just mix raw papaya with a half teaspoon of turmeric and apply to your upper lip. Allow it to set for 15-25 minutes and rinse, repeating this process once per week.
    1. Spearmint Tea – Unlike most remedies, this one requires you to consume the tea rather than apply it. You see, facial hair grows as a reaction to testosterone levels, and spearmint tea helps to lower those. Just boil, steep, flavor with honey, milk or sugar, and enjoy!

    If you’re looking to get rid of rogue hair quick and easy without all the DIY hassle, laser hair removal is the way to go. At Island Plastic Surgery our Bare BBL treatment uses pulsed light technology to shut down hair follicles at the root without harming any of the surrounding tissue. The result? Smooth, hair-free skin, on your upper lip, or anywhere else you desire!

  • 9 Unbelievable Botox Facts

    Did you know that botulinum toxin, commonly called Botox, is actually a product of a deadly bacteria called clostridium botulinum? This bacteria is known for causing botulism, but with careful inspection and experimentation by German physician Justinus Kerner, it’s neurotoxins proved to have many beneficial properties. Read on to learn more interesting facts about this popular aesthetic treatment.

    Fact #1: Botox has remained the number one nonsurgical procedure across the board since the year 2000. In fact, recent statistics from 2015 determined that there have been more than 4 million Botox procedures performed in total.

    Fact #2: The early uses for Botox were purely medical, not cosmetic. In it’s earliest stages, botulinum toxin was used to treat strabismus, a muscle related eye condition, as well as spasms of the face, neck and many other medical conditions as the years went on.

    Fact #3: The discovery of the cosmetic benefit of Botox was completely accidental. Dr. Jean Carruthers had been using the treatment on patients with strabismus in the 1990s when they began commenting on the improvement they’d seen on their wrinkles since treatment began.

    Fact #4: While widely used, Botox is actually only FDA-approved for three specific treatment areas: Between the eyebrows, around the eyes and in the armpits to reduce excessive sweating.

    Fact #5: Botox has been proven effective to stabilize overactive sweat glands. Many people received Botox to stop excessive sweating underneath their arms, on their hands or hairline, and even under their breasts or butt.

    Fact #6: Those who suffer from chronic migraines have benefited from Botox treatments as well. Experts say that one injection has the power to completely disarm a profound or chronic migraine.

    Fact #7: Having Botox treatments performed by anyone other than a licensed practitioner is dangerous. Remember, Botox is a toxin, which is why it’s so important to receive treatments from someone with experience administering it in order to reap its benefits.

    Fact #8: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced in their most recent findings that Botox treatments for men are up a whopping 337% since 2000. That’s right, men are hopping aboard the Botox train as well!

    Fact #9: Contrary to popular belief, Botox treatments no longer paralyze a muscle when performed correctly. The idea now, is to relax the muscle instead, so the patient is left with smooth, skin still looks natural.