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What Aftercare Do I Need?

No special skin care regimen is required following treatment. However, you should always protect your skin from direct sun exposure and use good…

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What Areas Can Be Treated?

SkinTyte™ treatments are safe for all skin colors and can be performed on any area of the body where an improvement in your skin firmness is…

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What Is the Treatment Like?

The SkinTyte™ light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses. There is no need for a topical anesthetic, however, your physician…

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How Does SkinTyte™ Work?

The SkinTyte™ procedure utilizes infrared energy to deeply heat dermal collagen. This process promotes partial denaturation and contraction of…

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What Is SkinTyte™?

SkinTyte™ is a non-ablative approach to firmer skin. The SkinTyte treatment is based on the principle of selective thermolysis and utilizes pulsed…

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