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Ear Surgery Experts on Long Island

Ears that are large or disfigured can impact men, women, and children alike. In adults, a poor or unsightly ear appearance can be uncomfortable and unnecessary. For children, it can result in teasing or bullying that causes emotional stress with the potential to affect them through the rest of their life.

In addition to poor ear appearance from natural causes, some patients may find that their ears are disfigured or otherwise in need of repair from accidents, pierced ear issues, or other reasons. Whatever the cause may be, problems with any appearance of your ears are correctable through ear surgery or otoplasty.

Generally, ear surgery helps to set prominent ears back closer to the head, reduce large ears, or fixes deformed or damaged ear tissue in adults and children. Although the desired degree of improvement varies, patients, undergoing ear surgery experience significant enhancement in their appearance.

person resting head on hand

Candidates for Otoplasty

Ear surgery is unique in that it can apply to a range of candidates from all walks of life. In our three decades of experience, we have seen that men, women, and children can all be candidates for ear surgery When male patients have come to us, it is often because they are tired of the way the size, shape, or positioning of their ears holds in relation to their head. They found that surgery adjusted these ratios, allowing them to enter a room or interact with family, friends, or colleagues with greater ease and confidence.

In children, large or misshapen ears or ears with extra tissue are often identified early, and parents can choose to intervene at a young age—typically before a child enters school and begins to interact socially with peers. In many of these cases, the surgery is conducted when they are around five or six years old, as ear growth is almost complete. Candidates may also consider ear surgery due to an accident or damage from severe burns that have affected the appearance of their ears. These individuals are relieved to find how surgery can help them regain the appearance they once had.

Most patients have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Larger than normal earlobes or ear rim deformities
  • Non-symmetrical ears
  • Ears that “stick out” disproportionately
  • Torn or split ears
  • Stretched earlobe piercings

Ear Surgery Consultation

At Island Plastic Surgery, our experienced medical staff can walk you through the entire surgical process, from the initial consultation through the conclusion of recovery and healing. We have conducted many ear surgeries and understand the nuanced ways small changes can have a large effect on post-surgical results. We’ll expertly apply those to your situation.

When you consider ear surgery, we’ll happily review with you the process your procedure will entail so that you are fully aware of what to expect. We have seen that most ear reduction surgeries follow a straightforward path. Generally, skin and cartilage are removed from behind the ears. The ears are then formed to bend back toward the head, using stitches to help preserve the new shape. The incision marks are hidden in the natural creases behind the ear.

An alternative technique can be used in which no cartilage is removed, and stitches are used to fold the exposed cartilage back on itself. The ear is reshaped and the stitches will be hidden in the natural creases behind the ear.

Because of Dr. Gallagher’s experience, she is also able to incorporate multiple techniques to customize the operation for each patient’s needs and desired outcome.

Thinking about ear surgery? Contact Island Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our trusted plastic surgeons today!

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