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FAQ: Body Procedures

Restore Your Confidence with Island Plastic Surgery’s Help!

Low self-esteem and low confidence in one’s body is all too common in today’s society. We’re always looking for ways to improve our appearance to something we can be proud of. If you’re unsatisfied with particular parts of your body, you don’t have to be! There is a solution. The array of body procedures at Island Plastic Surgery is designed to give you the body you’ve always wanted. Our team is led by Dr. Pamela Gallagher, a plastic surgeon with decades of experience helping people gain confidence in their appearance. Because of our vast knowledge of plastic surgery and various body procedures, we’re well-equipped to answer any questions you may have. Look for some answers to our frequently asked questions below.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are one of the most sought-after procedures among our Long Island patients. In short, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that firms and slims the stomach area. During the operation, Dr. Gallagher removes excess skin and repairs the loose muscle. The extent of the incision will depend on how much you’d like to change your abdominal area and if we need to take extra skin from the upper abdomen.

Why Do Patients Get Tummy Tucks?

Patients who choose to schedule a tummy tuck may have developed a sagging belly for a variety of reasons. Most often, a slack abdominal area is the result of natural aging or significant weight loss. In other instances, a sagging belly is the result of genetics or past surgery. Unfortunately, a tummy tuck may not be the best body procedure for everyone. You shouldn’t get a tummy tuck if you’re a smoker or plan on losing more weight in the future.

How Does One Recover from a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The recovery process after a tummy tuck looks a little different for everyone. However, there are some general guidelines we recommend as you heal from the body procedure. In the first few days, you’ll want to sleep on an incline, keeping your body raised with pillows behind your upper body and knees. Our team will explain which resting positions will be most comfortable as the incision heals. Although you won’t be able to drive or do any strenuous activity, you should still remain active with regular walks. Keeping the blood flowing this way promotes quicker healing and reduces the risk of blood clots.

When Is Liposuction a Good Option?

Liposuction is a fat removal procedure that targets specific areas of the body. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, and this is where liposuction comes in. While it’s not a weight-loss method, this body procedure is ideal for patients who wish to tone problem areas quickly and easily. Most patients don’t experience much scarring as a result of the small incisions.

How Long Does Liposuction Take?

In most cases, liposuction can be completed quickly by the professionals at Island Plastic Surgery. We’re excited to offer Lunchtime Lipo, a service in which we’ll remove stubborn fat deposits in just an hour in the office under local anesthesia. This type of liposuction can remove fat from nearly any part of the body and comes with minimal blood loss or discomfort. You may experience slight swelling after the procedure, but you’ll likely be completely recovered within a few weeks.

Do You Offer Buttocks Procedures?

At Island Plastic Surgery, we offer a range of buttocks procedures to improve your self-confidence. Some of our patients find success with a butt lift that reshapes and resizes the buttocks. Others choose liposuction to get rid of problem areas that haven’t gone away with diet and exercise.

How Do I Get Rid of Cellulite?

If you’re looking to get rid of pesky cellulite, Island Plastic Surgery has a solution for you. The Cellfina™ System is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and treats cellulite down to its root cause. This technology releases the tension that causes the puckering associated with cellulite, resulting in smoother skin in just three days. What’s more, results may last up to two years!

What’s Involved in a Body Lift?

A body lift is a complicated procedure that involves several other operations to produce dramatic results. Body lifts might include an arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, facelift, or liposuction. During each of these procedures, Dr. Gallagher and the team at Island Plastic Surgery will remove excess fat. Because a body lift is such extensive surgery, you should expect to be away from work for around four weeks.

Have You Decided on a Body Procedure?

Whether you know what body procedure you’d like to have or want to hear a second opinion, Island Plastic Surgery is here to help. Dr. Gallagher and her seasoned team are always happy to answer your questions and explain our body procedures in detail. We want you to have all the information so you can make an educated decision on how to work towards your ideal body. For more information on one of our operations, contact us today.

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