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Frequently Asked Questions: Plastic Surgery

Committing to plastic surgery is a difficult decision. You have a lot to think about, taking into account the recovery period, time off work, and dealing with side effects. It’s perfectly normal to go into this process with a lot of questions, but Island Plastic Surgery is here to put your concerns to rest. We make sure our Long Island, NY patients are comfortable with their surgical procedure and understand the ins and outs of recovering. Dr. Gallagher and her team want each patient to have a complete understanding of their procedure and its results. That’s why we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions for your convenience:

What Kinds of Plastic Surgery Do You Perform?

At Island Plastic Surgery, we have expertise in a wide variety of procedures. Our team is capable of performing face procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasty, as well as buttocks procedures, breast lifts, and much more. Our services page can provide you with more information on the kinds of operations we perform at our clinic.

Am I a Good Candidate for Surgical Procedures?

As with any complex medical procedure, there are good or bad candidates. When it comes to plastic surgery, most people in good general health are good candidates. However, you should always be upfront with Dr. Gallagher and our team about your medical history and any preexisting conditions. We want to ensure your plastic surgery is as safe as possible, and this information gives us the knowledge to protect your health and overall well-being.

How Safe is Plastic Surgery?

Surgical procedures such as breast augmentations, brow lifts, and tummy tucks are complicated. Because of their complexity, many of our patients worry that plastic surgery isn’t safe. Although all surgical procedures come with some degree of risk, Dr. Gallagher will give you pre- and post-surgery instructions to ensure optimal results. So long as you follow these directions, plastic surgery is generally very safe.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Plastic Surgery?

Preparation for plastic surgery will depend on what kind of procedure you’ve scheduled. Liposuction, breast implants, and more all have fairly simple preparation. You’ll need to set up a consultation with Dr. Gallagher to go over the details of the procedure itself and how to properly recover. Patients speak with nurses and other health professionals about their medical history so they can be aware of potential complications. Dr. Gallagher will spend as much time as needed to make sure you, the patient, are educated about the procedure and all it entails.

How Can I Minimize the Risks of Plastic Surgery?

Beyond heeding your doctor’s instructions and being forthcoming about your medical history, there’s more you can do to ensure your safety during and after the procedure. Firstly, you should refrain from smoking in the six weeks leading up to the surgery. You should also avoid taking non-prescription supplements, such as vitamins and herbal products. Aspirin and other medications may also need to be discontinued as not to increase bleeding, but consult your doctor before stopping use.

Will I Be Under Anesthesia During the Surgery?

Whether or not you’ll be awake depends on the surgical procedure. For some procedures, patients need only a local anesthetic with sedation. Yet other patients need general aesthetic while undergoing plastic surgery. The team at Island Plastic Surgery will make sure you understand how long you’ll be under anesthesia for your procedure.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

The exact length of your recovery time depends on the procedure and how you personally react to it. Some people need more recovery time than others. In general, you can expect to take at least one week off work to relax and promote healing. Dr. Gallagher and her team will let you know the specifics of your face or body procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

Most plastic surgeries for cosmetic purposes, such as tummy tucks or body lifts, aren’t generally covered by insurance policies. However, if you need reconstructive surgery, like breast reconstruction or breast reduction, you may be covered. The team at Island Plastic Surgery can help you determine what’s covered, or you can call your insurance provider directly to inquire.

What Makes Island Plastic Surgery Different?

Island Plastic Surgery is the trusted plastic surgery center in Long Island, NY. We specialize in a wide range of procedures, all geared toward making you look and feel your best. Plus, we’re headed by a fantastic female plastic surgeon, Dr. Gallagher, who knows how to deal with the emotional aspect of women’s cosmetic issues. Contact our team today to schedule your initial consultation.

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