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Improve the Shape of Your Body

If you have recently had a baby or experienced a substantial weight loss, then you may have noticed an abundance of excess skin. Time may help shrink the skin a little, but if you want to eliminate the unsightly tissue fast, talk to the experienced cosmetic surgeons at Island Plastic Surgery about our body lift procedures. Whether you want to focus just on your lower half or spring for the full-body lift, our effective, long-lasting procedure produces dramatic results. Full body lifts are extensive and specialized cosmetic surgeries, but you can put your trust in our highly skilled team to help you achieve a sleeker, firmer appearance.

plastic surgeon marking womans body for surgery

What Is a Body Lift?

When aging, pregnancy, or weight loss leave behind excess skin, the body lifts surgical procedures can help you regain a tighter look by removing the skin and underlying fatty tissue. A lower body lift, or belt lipectomy, involves the tummy, thighs, buttocks, and back, while an upper body lift focuses on the chest, arms, breasts, and middle back. A full-body lift is a combination of upper and lower body lifts.

You may be a good candidate for a body lift if:

  • You have recently lost a significant amount of weight (60+ pounds)
  • You are at a healthy, stable weight
  • You are in good health
  • You are not pregnant or not planning on becoming pregnant
  • You are a nonsmoker
  • You have loose, sagging skin around your midsection
  • You have realistic expectations

The Body Lift Procedure

Surgical body lift procedures vertically tighten skin through the use of extensive incisions. After administering anesthesia for your comfort, the surgeon at Island Plastic Surgery will make a thin incision around the entire waist and remove an apron of excess skin and fat. The remaining skin will then be vertically pulled up or down to reposition and tighten the tissue. A body lift may also include an upper arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, or facelift. Liposuction may help achieve improved body contours. Once all excess skin and fatty tissue have been removed, the surgeon with suture up the incisions and apply dressings and bandages.

Recovering From Body Lift Surgery

Since a body lift is a major surgical procedure, it does require a significant recovery time. You may spend 1-3 nights in the hospital and have drainage tubes to help reduce swelling and remove excess blood and fluids. These tubes may need up to 2 weeks of personal home care. Surgical dressings are usually removed after 2 days, but you will most likely need to wear medical compression garments to minimize swelling, support the skin, and promote the healing process. You can return to work after 3-4 weeks and most patients are released for full activity within 5-6 weeks. The swelling may take a while to dissipate, but your results will continue to improve for up to 2 years post-surgery.

For dramatic body lift results, call 516-531-7871.

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