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Forever Young BBL™ on Long Island

Island Plastic Surgery”s most popular treatment with no downtime! Why is it so popular? Forever Young BBL can address multiple skincare concerns in ONE machine. Forever Young BBL can treat hyperpigmentation, sunspots, freckles, acne, redness caused by Rosacea, and broken capillaries while boosting skins overall appearance with increased cell regeneration, rebuilding elasticity and improving the appearance of fine lines. We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks with maintenance every 3 months.

Forever Young BBL™ from Sciton is a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to reverse the time of aging.

Forever Young BBL™ has been proven treatment in a long-term clinical study to stop the clock on the appearance of aging skin. Patients who received regular BBL treatments over the course of a decade, doctors judged the patients to appear 11 years younger than their actual age.

Any area of the body can be treated. The most common areas are those most exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight. Most people ask for treatments on the face, neck, back of the hands, chest, and shoulders.

The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient, and your clinician will personalize a plan based on the level of improvement you desire. Your clinician may also combine your treatment with other popular aesthetic procedures to optimize your results. Remember that regular treatments, at least once a year, were proven to make patients look ten years younger than when they first started.

Forever Young BBL isn’t just a beauty treatment. It’s a preventative regimen, possibly the best investment anyone can make in his or her own skin. Both men and women with almost any skin type can protect themselves against the sun and environmental damage that adds up over time. In fact, the best time to think about the effects of aging is before they appear. Since the ten-year study shows that regular Forever Young BBL treatments stop the skin’s appearance of aging… Why wait??

During the procedure, your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. Typically, there is no need for a topical anesthetic, however, your clinician may choose to use one on more sensitive areas. You may feel a quick warm sensation as the light is absorbed by the targeted areas. Your procedure may take a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of procedure performed.

This is a noninvasive and gentle procedure with virtually no downtime. In most cases, you are able to apply makeup, return to work and resume most of your activities immediately.

You may experience some redness after treatment, but this should resolve within a few hours. For some pigmented lesions, you will see a darkening of the treated area followed by fading and flaking off at a later stage. Your treated skin will feel smoother, pored will be less noticeable, and sunspots or uneven pigmentation will fade.

You may be given skin care products and instructions on how to use them after the treatment. You will be sensitive to ultraviolet light and you must avoid direct sun exposure until completed healed.

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