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Neck Lift Surgery on
Long Island

A neck lift is a proven surgery with a natural-looking result. It is designed to give a better definition to the neck and under the jawline. At the same time, it reduces wrinkles and diminishes unsightly banding.

Ideal neck lift candidates are generally those with visibly hanging skin in the neck area. This loose skin can be due to aging, significant weight loss, or simple gravity. Whatever the cause may be, it creates an unflattering profile that can often only be fixed with skin tightening. Neck lift surgery may be recommended if you are at a healthy weight, have lines and wrinkles across the neckline, sagging skin, and excess folds of fat in the chin and neck area. If loose, hanging skin is not the problem, neck liposuction might be the better option for you, which is used to remove fat from the chin and neck area.

At Island Plastic Surgery, we see a rising demand for neck lift surgery for men. More and more men are choosing neck lifts as an option because, as women, they see a significant change in their appearance and love the minimal scarring and recovery time. The procedure helps men and women alike to look and feel their best always.

Neck Lift Procedure

The neck lift procedure focuses on the neck and the under-surface of the chin. There are several techniques used to address these problem areas, which will depend on your individual goals and desires. These techniques include removing fat and skin from the neck area and tightening of the neck muscles. The small incisions are made around the earlobe, in the hair, and under the skin.

Mini Neck Lift

Did you know you could experience the benefits of neck lift surgery in a manner that is less intrusive and provides for a quicker, even easier recovery process? If you’re looking for this experience, you may elect to have a mini neck lift.

A mini neck lift procedure is just as it sounds: a simpler version of a full neck lift. In this version, a small incision is made under the chin. Then the excess fat will be removed, and the neck muscles tightened. If there are any bands, these are divided. The process is relatively painless, and the garment is worn around the next for a few days post-op to maintain the neckline contouring.

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